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Popup Books

PopUp Books

Bookstore Reference Tool

PopUp Books is a monthly CD-ROM bibliographic reference database designed for bookstores. It has none of the clutter associated with competing products (Dewey decimal number, academic modifiers, etc.) and none of the fluff used by library patrons.

Instead, PopUp Books displays  bookstore-useful data, such as stock-status information for multiple vendors (Ingram, Baker & Taylor, BookPeople, Riverside, etc.).

Further, PopUp Books contains citations on about five million titles, twice as many as the industry leader (PopUp Books shows out-of-print titles, too!).

PopUp Books may be searched by title, author, keyword, trailing-digits of the ISBN or any combination. The returned citation shows the title, contributors, binding, retail price, subject, publisher, edition, publication date, availability (NYR, OP, etc.), and other useful information.

To minimize typing when adding new books to your inventory, you can also invoke the PopUp Books search engine from within Books In Store simply by entering an ISBN. PopUp Books works in collaboration with New Standard and paste the relevant data in the appropriate fields (title, author, price, etc.).


PopUp Books

Popup Books is a monthly CD-ROM reference product designed for bookstores. Popup Books contains over five million titles (and growing) of reference information and bookstore-useful data.


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