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Over the years, we found that bookstores alternate between love and hate for special orders. Special orders enhance customer loyalty, but stores generally lose money on each order. New Standard streamlines the special order process such that you may even make a profit!

Special Order Entry

Special Orders may be recorded in two places. At the Point Of Sale or at a workstation. This dual-entry capability prevents tying-up the POS station during peak sales periods.

Special Order Life Cycle

A Special Order has a life of its own, generally the following:

1. You record the Special Order. At that instant, you have a "Pending" special order.
2. The book gets included on a purchase order and the status becomes: "Ordered."
3. In the fullness of time, the book arrives. The new status is "Arrived."
4. You notify the customer. The book's status becomes: "Notified."
5. The customer picks up the book. The final status of the order is "Completed."

Each change in status of a Special Order is tracked, along with the method used to reach that status. For example, "Notified" can be by mail, phone, Email, etc. Completed can be by picked-up, mailed, shipped, etc. There should never be any doubt about where a book is in the process.

Notifying the Customer

From one to 100 telephone calls a day is not a pleasant (or profitable) job. Obviously, in this age of the internet, automatic notification via email can remove a significant amount of employee-time from the process. With email, too, you'll be more confident the customer actually gets the message.


"Sleeves" are single sheets of paper designed to be wrapped around a special order (like a book jacket) or folded and inserted in the book like a bookmark. A special order sleeve contains information about the special order and a sleeve's purpose is to decorate the book in such a fashion so that the book can be easily found on the "special order shelf." For example, a sleeve prints the customer's name, in bold, block letters, such that when the sleeve is placed around the book - and secured with a rubberband - the customer's name appears on the spine. Presto! Easy to find the customer's book.

A sleeve contains sufficient information about the order to allow a clerk to record the sale without reference to any other screen (special selling price, discount, etc.) or for a clerk to make follow-up contacts.

While this list of features is by no means comprehensive, we think the following list represents some of the more impressive features of New Standard.


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