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Report Writer

Our custom report writing package offers you the information that you want to see, when you want to see it. We have well over two-hundred fields of information which allows you to see only the information that is useful to you, the bookseller.

Cascaded Electronic Ordering

Being one of the pioneers in electronic ordering, we have an intimate understanding how ordering can be useful to your store. Orders are easy to create and transmit to your vendors.

Bibliographic Reference Utility

Our bibliographic reference program, PopUp Books, allows you to reference over five million titles. Unlike other reference utilities, PopUp Books includes  Out of Print titles, books that are currently being published, and books that are not yet released. Once you decide to include a particular book in your inventory, PopUp Books transfers information to your system with no typing on your part.  PopUp Books significantly cuts data-entry effort.

Customer Management

You want happy customers. New Standard helps generate happy customers in many ways. Inventory management - making sure you have the books your customers want - is one way. Flawless Special Order fulfillment is another. Total Title Tracking allows you to identify areas of interest by groups of customers and help shape your store according to popular demand. New Standard offers several  tools directed toward improving customer satisfaction. Take a look at just some of the features our integrated customer management tools have to offer.

Security Profiles

In today's society, security is paramount. We at Books In Store understand this and understand, too, that security should not infringe upon your day to day operations. We track virtually every operation that any user completes within our program and keep extensible audit logs of those records. Many of these features are invisible to you as a common user, can be invaluable for uncovering oddities.

Task Wizards

Some tasks, no matter how well considered, are complex by nature. Understanding that not everyone has a masters degree in computer science, our programmers have thoughtfully designed industry standard wizards to help you along in many of the more complex tasks within New Standard. Often asking you simple questions and breaking up ideas into easy to follow steps, our wizards can lead you to creating extraordinarily complex reports, seasonal specific orders and returns, importing and exporting massive structures of data, and so much more.

While this list of features is by no means comprehensive, we think the following list represents some of the more impressive features of New Standard.


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