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New Standard

New Standard is the next generation of inventory control from the specialists who brought you a renown system offering benchmark technologies and ground breaking features. Our Windows™ version capitalizes on over twenty years of experience in the bookselling industry.

Key Features of New Standard
Take a quick look at what the next generation in inventory control has to offer.
Integrated Solutions
See how New Standard helps you complete some of the most difficult tasks quickly and accurately.
Customer Management
Understand how New Standard can help keep your customers happy and increase your customer service with a smile.
Special Orders
Get an in-depth understanding of how special orders work and how easy they are to complete within New Standard.
Signup for New Standard™
Sign up for New Standard™, our ground-breaking Windows™ program.

New Standard
New Standard is Books In Store's Windows™ inventory control package. This product can handle all of your stores needs from electronic ordering to customer management.


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