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    Enhanced Report Writer

    New Standard sports one of the most advanced report writing features in the entire industry. You are able to create custom reports that show you what you want to see, when you need to see it! Since we gather over 300 different fields of data from each record you can be assured that you can get get the information you require. Need to do a complex mathematical equation? No problem! With our calculated fields, you can take the information from two or more sources and combine them together in an algebraic formula. In other words, let the computer do the hard work for you.

  • User-definable reports
  • Over three-hundred fields to draw from
  • Calculated fields
  • Output to screen, printer, or disk file
  • Variety of output formats (fixed, tab / quote delimited, UIEE, etc.)
  • Wizards help you create complex reports in a step-by-step format

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  • Global Filters extract only the data of interest
  • Output can be used to create purchase orders


    Customer Management

    Customers have always been complex. They like to be pampered and made to feel extremely important. With New Standard you can easily keep track of your customers purchases, create a rewards program with book clubs. When a customer comes to your store for a special order, New Standard treats that order as extremely special. The program minimizes your detailed record-keeping requirements. From beginning to end, Special Orders are handled easily. When you receive the customers' special order from your vendors, New Standard even offers to notify the customer by email for you automatically (note: internet connection required).

  • Special Orders
  • Basic Accounts Receivable
  • Tracks complete purchase history
  • Complete information (name, address, telephone, fax, organization / company, etc.)
  • Export / import capability
  • Book Club membership
  • Mailing label preparation
  • E-Mail address

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  • Automatically informs POS of customer-specific discounts, special pricing, non-uniform tax rates


    Point of Sale

    So much more than a simple cash register, the New Standard Point of Sale software allows you to easily search by title, keywords, contributor, multiple identifiers (ISBN, EAN, UPC, etc), and up to five user-defined fields. The flexible power of the POS allows part-timers, with little training, to ring up sales in mere minutes! You don't have to worry that the summer intern won't know that your New York Times bestsellers are all 20% off, or that Mrs. Henderson gets a 10% discount for being such a valued customer for all those years. Our software remembers all of the important information and is able to automatically apply these types of discounts in a variety of ways that reduce the stress and the need to be constantly "hands on" for your management.

  • Easy to use, minimal training
  • Real-time database
  • Compatible with all industry standard receipt printers and barcode scanners
  • Integrated with the Customer Management module providing complete purchase history
  • Enhanced Special Orders allows you to record the order with complete piece of mind

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    Inventory Control

    Enormous data capacity, assignable product types, sidelines, multiple prices, assignable tax rates, multiple reviews and abstracts, monthly sales history for two full years, and displayable book jacket images are just some of the features that our inventory control module allows you to manipulate. We can help you track minute pieces of information that will help you sell your items both in your store and in a global market!

    Keeping track of all this information can be a daunting task. By design, retrieving information is easier than ever, thanks to the familiar windows interface. Once you find the record you are looking for, double-click and that record's detail screen appears.

  • Unlimited inventory items
  • Three sales tax percentages can be applied to each record and each customer
  • Title of work-up, to 200 characters
  • Multiple Contributors (author, illustrator, translator, editor, etc.)
  • Multiple identifiers (ISBN, UPC, etc.)
  • Dynamic popularity ranking, by record
  • Running average discount and average net price generates an accurate cost of sales

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  • Barcode labels can be printed on standard laser or inkjet paper
  • Attach book jacket images to each individual record
  • Eleven possible prices, including our special "Sale Price" field
  • User-defined searchable fields
  • You may record the most obvious data (Title, Price, etc.) or, if you have need, the most unusual or arcane (packing quantity, color, language, etc.)


    New Standard has over one hundred different stratagems for creating suggested orders. The more common ones are based on demand, but the essential point here is that a 1,500 line recommended order can be created by Books In Store in less than a minute. What this means is that you can order much more frequently, even out your work flow, improve special order response time, and most importantly, ratchet up inventory turns.

  • Cascaded Electronic Ordering with multiple Vendors
  • Custom filtering techniques allow you to review only the records you consider important
  • Uses Windows technology, allowing for unlimited modem compatibility
  • Sensitive to your Special Orders, keeping them separate from the rest of your order
  • Order via the internet with compatible vendors
  • Recommended Orders based on needs tailored to your store
  • Returns have never been easier. Supply some information to your system, and let us handle all the hard work for you!

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    Special Orders

    Sooner or later it happens to every good bookstore: a customer requests a book you don't have. You record the information for a special order once and the system keeps track of its status, husbanding the order through the various steps to fulfillment. Special orders can be automatically included by the Electronic Ordering module and added to your order. When the book arrives, New Standard offers you the opportunity to print a sleeve (to place around or in the book) scontaining the customers contact information. Additionally, New Standard can automatically send an email to your customer, notifying them without any additional work on your part!

  • Easy creation from within the Point of Sale program
  • Easily maintain and modify hundreds of special orders
  • Integrated E-Mail notification for your customers
  • Intuitive system keeps you up to date, letting the computer do all the hard work

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    Help System

    Face it, we all have questions, and occasionally we hit a brick wall. New Standard's dynamic help system can guide you through many abstract processes, such as the life cycle of a record, for example. Need to understand the structure of an ISBN? We can help you with that! Not sure exactly how to build that filter you've been struggling with? The help system is there for you. What's more, not only can you tap F1 at any time to get help about the specific program you are currently running, you can also search the entire help file looking for words you are interested in!

  • Dynamic system allows you to get help from wherever you are
  • Find information quickly and accurately without searching through hundreds of pages of printed material, and get results on your query in less than a second!
  • Our entire manual is also available in PDF format allowing for easy printing and distribution to your employees

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