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Understanding the needs of your customers and providing a comfortable, efficient, and reliable tracking is important.  The days of keeping track of index cards, and sticky notes are gone. Our integrated customer management module offers you the flexibility you need with the power that you want.

Customer Tracking

Maintaining a customer file is optional, but doing so helps your bookstore in many ways. Our Total Title Tracking system allows you to keep track of what your customers bought, how much they bought, even how much they paid for the item.

Bookclubs and Discounts

Repeat customers are what keeps your bookstore alive. If you have long-time customers, or a bookclub, you can easily designate discounts for individual customers in our special discount field. Our bookclub keeps track of how many "units" of purchase your customers have made and how many "units" of credit that you have offered them as well! All of this information is easily available for each of your customers throughout the entire system, including our Point of Sale.

Point of Sale

Our point of sale tightly integrates with our customer management module. Even the part-time clerk that you hired for the holiday season with little training has little to worry about when attempting to distinguish your ten-year repeat customer from the tourist who walked in off the street. With our customer management techniques, attaching a customer to a sale defines many characteristics of the sale. Your ten-year customer will have their 10% appreciation discount, while a tourist who dropped in to pick up the latest best-seller may receive no discount at all, or only the one applied to best-sellers. All the clerk did was attach a customer to a sale and ring up a book. The point of sale system and the customer management module interacted together to figure out the rest!

Special Orders

Every bookstore deals with Special Orders. In New Standard, Special Orders are kept external to your physical inventory so that they are easier for you to manipulate, and less likely to generate confusion.

Once your customer places a special order with you, the magic really begins. The system quickly recognizes that you have pending special orders and takes the appropriate measures to get them into your store and into your customers hands as quickly as possible. For example, New Standard can automatically send an email informing the customer his book has arrived.

To learn more about our special order methodology, click here.


New Standard can produce three distinct kinds of email. The first is notification that a customer's special order has arrived. The system can generate this email automatically when the book is received. The second type of email is ad hoc, that is, you can select a customer and type a one-time message. The third type of email is "broadcast." In the broadcast mode you compose a message then define which customers are to receive it. The message may be an announcement of an author appearance, the arrival of a new book, special store hours, anything. You may elect to send the message to all your customers, mystery lovers, kids, libraries only, or any other selectable sub-set of your customer base.


While this list of features is by no means comprehensive, we think the following list represents some of the more impressive features of New Standard.


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