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Opening a bookstore is a daunting task. There are so many variables to keep track of - representatives to meet, orders to place, floor space to fill, etc. Do you really have enough time and want to devote the energy into yet something else that you have to keep track of?

There is good news! Books In Store New Standard is an easy to use, intuitive application designed for the bookstore owner, not some techno-guru with a PhD in engineering. We realized from the outset that you do not want to devote your invaluable time mastering a computer program.

No matter what your need, no matter what your application, there is a place for you, with us! We have been developing customized professional workflow solutions for companies for almost twenty years, and we have solutions for you.

Review the items listed below and get started with the automation of your workflow. If you don't know what automation means ... no problem! Keep reading and you will be impressed, we promise!

What is it?   What's it all mean!?
Database Creation   How you get your inventory into the computer.
Hardware Selection   We talk about computers and equipment here.
True Fact #1   Facts about Books In Store's Point of Sale.
True Fact #2   Inventory system facts, and lots of 'em!
True Fact #3   Get one up on automated electronic ordering.
Hardware Requirements and Recommendations

Concerned as to whether your current hardware will be enough to run our product? Need to know what kind of printer to pick up while your at the computer store? Look here for the answers to your questions.

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Peering bleary eyed at receipt tape with faded print is no fun. Need ribbons? How about paper for your receipt printer? We've got these and more things that help keep your store together on a day-to-day basis."



Workflow Solutions

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