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Books In Store accumulates more information
at the point of sale than any other system.

As the Z-tape comparison chart shows (with actual examples of System "A" and Books In Store's Z-tape, shown here), you get more data, and in greater detail, with Books In Store.

With better and more complete information, you make better decisions, manage your store more efficiently, control your finances more intelligently, and run more profitable business. Only Books In Store provides you with such a wealth of data.


Z-Tape Comparison Books In Store System "A" System "B"
Possible payment types 18 10 10
User-definable payment types 10 10 10
Tracks store charges Y Y Y
Tracks Receive On Account Y Y Y
Handles store credits Y Y Y
Handles deposits Y Y Y
Totals taxable sales Y Y Y
Tracks non-taxable merchandise Y (1) (1)
Tracks tax exempt sales Y (1) (1)
Totals discounts Y Y Y
Counts customers Y Y Y
Tabulates cash refunds Y Y Y
Totals book club discounts Y Y  
Provides non-reset machine totals Y Y  
Computes average sale Y Y  
Cross-reference payments to original tickets Y Y  
Other revenue categories 16 1  
Number paid-out categories 15 1  
User-definable paid-out categories 10    
User-definable other revenue categories 10    
Handles coupons Y    
Super-Z (sums all daily Z-tapes) Y    
Totals store coupons Y    
Tracks tax refunded Y    
Totals book vs. sideline sales Y    
Totals price reductions Y    
Totals manual sales Y    
Totals unmatched ISBN sales Y    
Totals inventory adjustments Y    
Provides range of receipt numbers Y    
Counts voids Y    
Counts and logs non-sale drawer openings Y    
Counts no-receipt sales Y    
Bar graph of customers per hour Y    
Drawer proofing worksheet Y    
(1) Does not distinguish between non-taxable merchandise and tax-exempt customer.


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